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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I want a POA

What is a POA, well grasshopper let me educate you. That is a Pony Of America and I want one.

Pouting because husband said no.

If anyone out there won the lottery and would like to donate about 3000 dollars to my fund, email and I will send address heheheheheheaasnort

I've never owned a horse that cost that much. I'm a 500 dollar horse person, did give 700 for a paint one time but brought it intending to sale it later. Oh yea, gave 600 for the last horse I owned -- like my horse not brought to resale. Nuggett was my horse for years and I rode him every weekend but when Ronnie got hurt and I wasn't riding, I sold him to a friend for 1800 and she was tickle to get him for that.

I really don't want a POA bad enough to give what it would cost to get a good one but I would like to own one.

I'm just in an ornery mood this afternoon.

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