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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today I've been a murder, a cleaning lady, a groomer and now...

I'm going to be a lady of leisure, laying in the sun and reading a book.

I was a murder when I poisoned four fire ant mounts.. a cleaning lady when I cleaned the business I clean very Sunday and a groomer because I clipped my old dog that I had to give to my daughter because he was part Great Pyrenees and wouldn't stay out of my neighbor's pasture and he was nervous about his goats.

I don't think he would have bothered them but I wouldn't want a 100 lb dog I didn't know, running in my pasture with my live stock either.

And I groomed a Shih Tzu...

Oh yea, I also did a Easter dye job on Lexie... I use old time bluing mixed in her shampoo to whiten her white but you have to put four drops of bluing to almost a quart of water then you mix in the shampoo. I got lazy and put shampoo in first then bluing then water... the bluing attached to the shampoo instead of mixing with the water... results... dog with blue collar instead of white. I like it for Easter.

Found a picture of Ella when I was looking for Ocar's picture. All I have to say is... have you hugged a horse today?

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