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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Jaselynn

One of the reasons I started a blog was to document important moments in my life and the other was to write my crazy voice so my grandchildren will remember the insane things that comes out of my brain.  Eighteen years ago I meet a incredible human that changed my life.  I love all my grandchildren but your first always has the special memories of "I'm a Granny" attached.

Happy Birthday sweet baby, I love ya and I'm very proud of the person you've become.  One little bit of advise... pick you paths of life carefully... the wide path is usually the most used.  It might seem the easiest but most people choose this path and it can get crowded.... the narrow path that twist and turns might be the one you need to watch your step but it will be the adventurous trip.  Which ever path you take, make it your own and follow your dream..... the saddest sentence in the English language is "I wish I had..."

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