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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm not crazy... people make me crazy

Have you ever had days you just wanted to kick a hornets nest, or run naked with scissors in front of your class reunion, or poke a rattler with a teaspoon.... well I know at least two people today who would have been better off to do those things.

Now really,  don't talk down to me or act better than me... I pull my jeans on every morning just like you and I have enough sense to back off when someone gives me that look. 

Okay... I was mean today... Ronnie says my tongue is sharper than his hunting knife.  One person should have known better because they know my blood letting verbal wit (not my description but from a close friend) and the other was the call center operator for Comcast...

I feel I could be in one of Direct TV's commercials. 

Had a problem with one of the HD boxes so I call.... after going though all the audible maze with a computer... I finally get a person. 

Can I have your phone number area code first, please?

I sigh... why do they make you go though all this before then ask you the same thing when you get a person... so I tell him.

Can I have your name, please?

Patricia Weaver.

Okay, and what relationship are you to the primary account holder?

Is my name not on the account as a person you can talk to about the account?  I ask.

Yes, I see your name on the account but I need to update the information for our records.  What relationship are you to the primary account holder?

Now people, these call centers are all over the world and really does Comcast need to know what kind of relationship Ronnie and I have... but I did answer....

I'm his whore.

Operator... "Excuse me...could you spell that.

Me... W-H-O-R-E 

A long pause... How can I help?

I got the problem fixed faster than I've ever have ... got that refresh of the box in record time.

After I hung up, Ronnie told me I had been nasty to that person.... poking at a rattler with  a teaspoon!!!

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