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Monday, April 2, 2012

Friends don't laugh at you when your horse bucks

At least that is what I told Pam today when she nearly fell off Dixie laughing... why... because Sandy was doing her rodeo bucking horse trick with me. She did great on the trail but when I came back to the barn, I thought I would move the calves around and see how she reacted. HA... I saw how she reacted. When the calves decided they had enough they ran across the pasture and Sandy wanted to out run them... when I said no.. Whoa... she put her head between her front legs and expressed her displeasure in a very bone jarring way. Don't worry; I didn't break another hip or anything. Not even close. I really do love that horse; she has so much spirit and heart. She knew there would be correction exercises to correct her bad behavior but she didn't care... she's a lot like my husband, maybe that is why I love her personality so much. Love the picture of the barn and horses and wanted to share Love the picture of my son jumping his trail horse, not because he's good at jumping but because he was having fun on his horse. Enjoyed my day with good friend Pam and a little secret she needs to know... next time you laugh when Sandy bucks... she's going to be your mount the next time we ride. The pretty horse is Sandy and the pretty girl is my granddaughter Lakelynn

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