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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The art of making biscuits

The first biscuits I made were awful... no really... Ronnie tried to eat them and almost broke a tooth (too much shorting) so we pitched them out to the puppy and kitten and they sat there and sat there.... Ronnie had to pick them up to mow the grass. Neither rain, or humidity or playful puppy could handle those biscuits.

Now I'm not placing blame, but my mother's idea of biscuits were from a package of Martha White... my Granny always had too many cooks in the kitchen to show any of us how to cook.... she did teach me about gardening, fruit trees, animal care, quilting, sewing in general and much more

Mother taught me to stand up for yourself, be true to your family even if they're wrong... you stand by them... and don't be afraid to fight for what you believe... my Daddy and Granddaddy taught me how to be full of bullsh** which I'm very good at if I choose to be...:)

Back to the biscuits... I've showed the older granddaughters how to make biscuits but Ella is my little want-to-be cook. I've let her help make biscuits several times and last night she made biscuits by herself. They turned out great.

She said, "Granny, they taste just like your biscuits." Now I need to teach her how to make chocolate gravy.

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