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Monday, February 27, 2012

And the race is on....

What race?

Well not the Kentucky Derby, it isn't until May 5, 2012 and I'm hoping Creative Cause wins because I like his name and I just love grey horses.

Not the Daytona race... it is being run right now and I'm not a fan... so I happy with anybody winning.

No, it's the race to get these darn leaves raked to the ditch and burned before it rains again. Oh my aching back, arms, and yes blisters. I know what you're thinking... wear gloves you big dummy ... but I really can't tell a difference in blisters with or without gloves and it's much cooler without.

It's also a pain to have your dog follow you around the yard punching you in the legs with a ball that is in her mouth. When you look at her she drops the ball and rolls it toward you with her nose. I miss those bribes I used on the kids to get them to help me in the yard. Help mommy and she will have time to play ball.... it doesn't work on Lexie... her idea of help is to dig a hole to China to put the leaves into.

Another beautiful day tomorrow but it will seem a little less bright since I have more yard work. I tried the "Bewitched" method but it didn't work. I twitched my nose for an hour and not one leaf moved... sigh... back to the mortal way.

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