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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talent...don't we all have it???

I had a lady I've known forever tell me yesterday that I was so talented. This lady taught school for forty three years, had six kids of her own, she can sew, cook, everything she plants grows ... she thinks I'm talented!
But in truth, I've never met a person that didn't have some kind of talent. We all are special.
There was this boy in my high school that was...hummmm... different. The boys were mean to him, calling gay... I don't know if he was and I really don't care now or then. That boy could sing like an angle. I would sit in study hall and listen to him practice for choir and wish wish wish I could sing like him.
If you will step around your eyes and look with your heart you will see that everyone has something that makes them special. You don't have to like everyone but your dislike doesn't make them stupid, ugly, mean, or untalented. Yes I know I'm on a soap box. I wish I had the talent to make people be nice to each other. Words do hurt and it isn't just kids that say mean things.
No it wasn't me that someone said mean things to ... lord help them if it was... but I overheard a boyfriend tell this lovely young girl that she make him sick with her fat ass and pothole face... and he got up and left her there in the restaurant. She sat there and cried. So did I! Nobody needs to hurt someone that way, why was he with her... because she slept with him??? give me a break, find someone you can be nice to and do not wound someone else in such a bad way.
Now I know she should have stood up and in my mind she shouldn't have been with him in the first place, but it broke my heart that I had to listen to that and not punch him in the face... that is one of my best talents! :)
I know... be nice... okay, fine.

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Gail said...

"I wish I had the talent to make people be nice to each other." I've got the answer...try a cattle prod! Just kidding, sort of. And personally, I think you should have chased that creepy boy down and punched him in the gut. See how he made her feel.