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Monday, September 26, 2011

Good week for good news

Good news comes in all sizes and shapes. The first good news this week was when my friend Sheila called to tell me she didn't get the job in Florida. That might not be good news for her but it was wonderful news for me... I didn't want my friend moving to Florida. If she is going to move... Zip City is a good place.

Second good news... Irene... another friend... was visiting her dad and was in a auto accident. Someone hit them. Everyone was okay... great news. Then the third news was she made it home safe.

Third and bestest news...Sheila (who had thyroid cancer and had treatments earlier this year) got a all clear on her check up scan and doesn't' have to go back for a year. Phew.... that is wonderful.

Here's hoping you have a good news week too.

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