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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh my gosh Yard Sales are good

I just went through three boxes I bought at a yard sale in the spring... I knew it was Christmas stuff... I knew it was a lot of Christmas stuff... but I didn't know what great stuff there was at the bottom.

I went to this yard sale and it was close to noon and the ladies having it was hot and tried and ready to pack up and rest. There was this Christmas area and I was looking through it when one lady said, "We'll make you a good deal if you'll take all of that."

I looked around and saw some really good stuff on the table and I said, "Does the things on the table go with it?"

The ladies looked at each other, then all looked at me and nodded. We discussed price... They said 15 (which was a good price but they wanted to sale) I said 6... they looked at each other and answered with 10.... I pulled out my money and just happened to have 8 dollars in my jean pocket... now I had more in my van but I held up the cash and said...8 they took it

It filled the back of my van and then a 4' Christmas tree that rotated was in a box that went behind the front seat. Oh did I forget the mention there was a tree in there, and 6 rolls of expense ribbon, nativity set, swags, lights that worked, ornaments... some vintage... two platters and 7 reefs

Do I feel bad for talking them down... nope! They wanted to sale and I wanted to buy... they just wanted to sale more than I wanted to buy.

You will need to go to many yards sales before you find a treasure but when you do it is very special. All my friend ban me from their yard sales. :)

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