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Monday, March 15, 2010

So if I write and nobody reads am I heard???

If I write my heart out and it's not read am I really writing. Well of course you are! Writing is a creative being that lives deep in your soul, with no words it moans and flings the writers mind to places like tropical islands, unknown planets, back in history, into the bedroom of the boy next door... oh wait TMI..I'll have you know there were no boys living next door to me... UGH there were lets backspace here the boys that lived down the road...now much better. I edited my creativity.
Now back to my question, sorry my RBIO is kicking in... what does RBIO stand for -- rambling because I'm old, hahahaha
Writer's write because they can! Not everyone has the guts, desire or imagination to form stories from the images in their head and then let other people read them. Any one can write but to be a writer you have to let others read your work.
If you write, a novel, in a journal, on small slips of paper that is stuffed somewhere out of sight... I guarantee you someone will read it someday.
Write you heart out and make a difference!! A journal is keeping the present for the future. Novels are keys to other worlds set in the future or past and those small slips of paper are treasures for your future family.


Irene Latham said...

Well said, sista. Especially the part about it taking GUTS. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Got your card. :) It's a keeper!