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Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodbye Sun, wish you could've stayed longer

Rain, Rain go away... come back another day

Today was a perfect day, low 70's, blue skies, no wind, too bad it was a Monday.
Tonight the rain is coming and will visit everyday until Friday and then there are chances through Saturday.

It felt so good to raise my face and the Sun to whisper "Don't worry, I'm back. No more cold days. Drink, drink in the vitamin D your body needs."

I finished The Lightning Thief... sounds like the Gods are unhappy... they're bring in the minor God of Storms and Zeus flings his lightning bolts making the morals tremble. Hummmm... maybe I should stick to main stream fiction.

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Gail said...

Boston has had glorious Spring-like weather for 4 days....made me think of Atlanta and wish I was home. Rain comes in Thursday- Sunday here and the temps are going back down to the 40s. sigh.....