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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Communication... that's what I want to do

The only problem is I do this communicating with fictional characters in my head and then later on paper. If I write those fictional moments where someone else can see what I see in my head... that is a saleable novel...if I don't --- that is heartbreaking, needs revising ego deflating writing.

I love unique description and to use simile, here is part of a flash fiction piece I wrote.

Like a sailor on a ship, I stand with my feet apart and face my demons. I scan the white cap waves that resemble my life. They roll meekly, to their death, licking at the shore like a friendly dog but person shouldn't be deceived and step into the false security they paint. With one deadly surge, they’ll reveal their dark-side and pull the innocent into the endless purgatory below the surface.

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