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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ah Spring,

Played with the dogs, sat on the porch and read, smiled all day... spring is the birth of a new year... I know the year starts in January but think about it.. everything is either dead looking or freezing so I've decided my new year is spring :) The buttercups are blooming. So many memories there... picking them at my Granny's house to hand out to all my aunts... Daddy had seven sisters, no brothers and yes he is rotten... a few for my Granny and a bunch for my mother. Now that wouldn't have been too bad except Granny had seven granddaughters and all of us had to pick flowers. I never saw Granny's flowers in full bloom until after she died. Sort of sad but ah the memories of picking them.

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Sheila said...

Beautiful picture. Ican't wait for spring either. I know it's just around the corner.