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Saturday, March 20, 2010

the important thing is to keep your seat

Life is like a good cutting horse, when trials and troubles pop up to change your life... a good cutting horse will turn with them. The important thing is to make sure you turn too. Look at the rider on this horse. The horse is running full speed and when the cow turns it does too. As the rider, you need to keep the horse's ears in the middle of your vision. Where the horse goes you go or you fall off. Think about it, you have to go with life but how you ride it is the important element.
I went horseback riding today. I took my friend Sheila. She has been taking riding lessons and today she was introduced to the joy of real riding, out of the arena and onto the trail. She did great.


Amy Jane said...

I love riding. I need to start going to the barn soon. After graduation though. I am booked till the end of school.

Tahereh said...

wow. great analogy. i need to go buy a horse now. hehe