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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This little chick went to the post office

How many of you know that baby chicks are shipped via the US postal service.  You have to order at least 15 to 25 (it all depends on which company you order from).  What about water you might ask... well baby chicks don't eat or drink for the first three days.  If hatched by a hen, they will stay in the nest for three days.  The mother hen might eat the egg shells but the babies only worry about warmth.

So you're asking yourself, where is the blog post going???  Why to my list of baby chicks I want of course.  Help me out.  Which one do you think I need to order.

I know I'm getting 25 Americana

All those differnt color eggs.

 But should I also get
Speckled Sussex
< left

Blue Laced Wyandotte
right >

Golden Laced Wyandotte


1 comment:

Sheila said...

I say go for all of all them! Ronnie can shoot next time I'm up there. LOL.