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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Muse beware... I'm on a writing war path

Going to a Picture Book workshop next Saturday... been reading reading reading...one thing I learned about picture books... they all don't tell a story.  I do not like the ones that don't tell a story. Of course, I'm not a 4 to 8 year old but why would you listen to a book that doesn't tell a story.
After saying this, let me confess... Picture Books are hard to write.  Very, very hard.
But I'm up to the challenge  Three semi-polished and two in very rough draft.
Next, Madison has worked out her "meeting Oscar" problem is back on track... WHAT you don't know Madison and Oscar... well you will when this middle grade novel gets published. hehehehehe snort

And.... drum roll please...
I'm dusting off my romance novel ... polishing the first three chapters and heading to a six week continuing education class at University of North Alabama... Romance 101

 Bet y'all was wondering about the hot pictures.  Johanna Lindsey is my favorite romance writer.

Heigh HO Heigh HO it's off to write we go..

Here is one of my favorite picture books... read it ... you'll love it

The Monster Who Ate My Peas

How far would you go to avoid eating your vegetables? A young boy thinks he’s discovered a way out of eating his peas—he makes a bargain with a fiendishly funny monster. First the deal is simple: the monster will eat the boy’s peas in exchange for his soccer ball. But with each new encounter, the monster’s demands escalate. Eventually, our hero faces a daunting decision—can he conquer his loathing for peas or will he lose his most prized possession?
Matt Faulkner’s uproariously detailed illustrations and Danny Schnitzlein’s Seuss-inspired verse combine to create a clever story about how far we are willing to go to avoid doing the things we hate.

by Danny Schnitzlein  (Author) , Matt Faulkner  (Illustrator)


Irene Latham said...

picture books & romance novels... nice combo. :)

Sheila said...

I was wondering what kind of picture book you were talking about. They didn't have pictures like that in the books I read. Glad you explained.
Romance 101, beware. Pat's on the way!