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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ode to Spring

I had an Aunt, who lived in Rhode Island, that would get grouchier and grouchier as winter progressed.... I understand her problem now.  Three weeks of below freezing weather and I'm ready to move... not really but it has made me appreciate our mild weather.  It's going to get in the high 40's today and I'm pulling out the flip flops and suntan lotion.

I've made a mind blowing discovery... we (humans) always expect the best situation to happen because it's been that way for 10 years... really?? we are considered an intelligent species .... winter is cold... you will get snow, ice and freezing weather... if you live in the south expect problems on the road if it snows... you don't need to drive on ice to get bread and milk because it will be 58 degrees tomorrow or the day after... you can survive.

Now that I've poked fun at my comrades of the south, let me say it makes me really mad for northerners to poke fun at the people that were involved in this last weather event.  ICE people... lets see you drive on it without plows, salt, snow tires, EXPERIENCE and one more point... our kids were in schools 10 to 15 miles away not four blocks.  Walk in our shoes before you think we're over reacting.

What?  Put myself in y'alls shoes... no thanks, all of you will still be cold in April when I will be wearing shorts and flip flops!!!!!

 Bless y'alls hearts.

Springtime is a comin... Springtime is a comin.... What should I plant in my garden?

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