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Friday, January 10, 2014

all play and no work gets no pay.... yikes

Okay, I've been grumbling about working so many hours... so this pay period I only worked three days... Honey I almost owed Uncle Sam money... it wasn't a paycheck... nope  it was a crying shame someone had to print that check...Sigh... LOVED every minute I was off so it was a Pitiful / Win situation... still not going to work more... like being off

Water froze at the barn... Bless Ronnie... he was sick with what I had all last week (only worst of course) and he had to play in the water ... outside... all day Monday... ouch! Plus he had to water nine horses and eight cows with no water becasue the lines were frozen...

He had to get up early this morning (he's getting old and sleeps to 7 most mornings) to met the farrier... taking a nap right now.. Bless him,  he hates winter.  Besides being sick and all the problems at the barn... he's worried the pasture we sowed in November isn't going to make it... I keep telling him   "It's grass!  It will grow!  Don't worry!"  He doesn't listen.

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Sheila said...

Poor Ronnie! I hope you babied him when he got home after all that. Love you both!