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Monday, October 1, 2012

Chickens, horses, dogs, kids

I've been working so much I've not written anything about my chickens... doing good but the young ones better start laying soon or they're going into the stew pot.

My horse is getting fat and sassy... well in truth she has always been sassy but she really needs riding.
Saban had to have a little attitude adjustment a few days ago...he started rearing with Lake when she asked him to back... big mistake red pony... he is better now and mo we didn't whip him... we put a horse trainer on him who let him rear and then he pulled him over backwards... scared the attitude right out of him

My Lexie hates not going with me everywhere.  That dog would stay next to me night and day if she could.  Good dog.

 Jase broke up with boyfriend.... not sad, her or me... Lake is struggling with biology... she is like her Granny... Kane and Ella got to go to the Alabama game Saturday... Roll Tide Roll

My new oak desk wouldn't fit though the door of my computer room... listed it on Craig's list and sold it in two days.... first time I've listed anything on there.

I finished one of the quilts tonight and half done with another...this girl is focused. 

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