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Friday, October 12, 2012

Homecomings, parades and Roll Tide Roll

Today was homecoming for the Central Wildcats where my two oldest granddaughters attend or at least Lake and where Jase graduated last year and they play the Wilson Warriors... where my husband graduated and where my grandson attends....  I'm staying neutral... Roll Tide Roll, we all agree on that!

Lake rode Saban in the homecoming parade and he did great ... even when the kids watching threw candy at him and hit him... he never faltered.... good horse and of course Dixie did great just annoyed that she had to be there.  Saban is sure flashy when he is moving out but he sort of looks muleish... is that a new word???... when he is just standing and of course I've already said Dixie just wants to be left alone in the pasture except if you have a bucket of feed and look at her .... she gets plenty of that.  Also notice how Lake's hair and Saban's coat matches in the first picture

Now on a serious note... today was a blessed day for my family.  We found out my son, Ron, had blockage in his heart... he is only 38 but he did great when they put in the stint and is home resting... although he wanted to go to the game... thank goodness Erin has good sense and vetoed that outing.

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