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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm running away... who wants to come with me???

I really really really don't like election years... or I'm all for the right to vote but just because you run for office doesn't give you the right to lie... and lie... and lie
And just because you support someone doesn't give you the right to call me every day... and ask me who am I voting for when you know I'm a Democratic... who do you think I'm voting for and don't judge me because I support that party... I don't judge you or ask you questions that is none of my business.
See why I'm running away... please stop calling me you polling people... please lets all be nicer and realize that we really don't need to vote either one of these guys into office... lets get someone who has worked... really worked with his hands and raised a family and saved the family business with his or her blood, sweat and tears... and a little smarts that you can't spend more than you make.

This was not a political announcement and I'm sorry for blowing off steam but I've worked hard this week and I need my nap in the evening not the phone ringing in my ear and someone I don't know calling by my first name ... and asking me how was I doing tonight... my answer, "Fine until you called"

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