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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Age tarishes our understanding

Sunday was decoration at the church where my husbands family is buried.  The family gathered to honor their mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, great....etc  and the three young boys this family has lost in the last fourteen years... Keith who died at age 27 fourteen years ago, Donnie (or as we called him Bubba) who died at age 32 and isn't buried with the Weaver family but is buried with his Dad's family... but was thought about on this day... and Kevin who died this year at age 18.
Now some would say this day was a sad occasion, but I would like to remind y'all that anytime a family gathers ... nearly all members down to the youngest great, great member.. well that can not be a bad day.
I'm rambling to get to the point... which is another age problem.  I don't understand the language of the kids of this generation, or the music or the actions.  They're all good kids but where is the desire to play, the desire to visit with cousins they've not seen in months, the desire to get away from the adults... far far away from the adults.
It was a good day but it made me think about how things have changed... life moves on and situations change ... this is a good thing... just different.

I wonder how many times my grandmother thought these same thoughts.

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