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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Those Creepy Minutes before Sunrise

This morning I was outside at 4:55 am ... thanks to my dog Lexie, who must have seen a deer or something when I let her out... bark bark bark and the whole world except me is asleep... anyway back to the minutes before sunrise... it's like night is taking its last breath before leaving ...making room for a new day.  All the frogs and crickets are silent.  I looked up at the awesome display of stars and streaks of light just hinting in the east and the complete silence when ... Whoooo whoooo made me jump out of my skin.  An owl was in the tree just above my head.  You know their eyes really do glow in the least amount of light.  I figure he or she... had been to the barn to see if I forgot to shut the chicken house door. 
Y'all do know how an owl... that is much small than a chicken ... can fly off with one don't you???  Owls can only get a chicken from it's roost.  It flies to the roost and get next to the chicken... chicken will not leave the roost until light.  Once the owl lands on the roost it starts pushing and shoving the chicken until it pushes it off the roost... the owl will catch it in mid air and fly off with it.  That is how owl's catch rabbits too... they make the rabbit run and catches it without touching the ground. 
I think they're beautiful but for some reason they make me uneasy.  I have this feeling I need to run... maybe it's because I was born in the year of the rabbit. 
Lexie cracked me up... she sat next to me and would look up at the owl until it whoooo then look at me like I was suppose to answer... I don't speak owl.

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