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Thursday, August 30, 2012

AT last...I've beaten that old writer's block

You hear about writer's block all the time.  But what is it really??

Well for me, it was the fear of not getting it right.  This story has been brewing in my mind for years.  I've talked about it with writing buddies and even wrote three terrible chapters.  The story wasn't starting where it needed to be and I couldn't see my character reaching the plot points that I needed to make the story believable.

 So I put it away... even though an agent at a conference asked me to send it to her when it was finished... just gave her a pitch for the story and she liked it.... I was really in the pits of blank page torture.  Every night I started the story in my mind and every night I rejected the beginning.  The words would flow but they smelled worst than wet mucking boots.
So I'm doing the happy dance tonight and my mind feels liberated from the plotting plotting plotting anguish of a unhappy muse

Do I have any advise for anyone with a fear of stinking that pushes them into writer's block... just go with the flow, believe me you'll get the itch to write again.  And if you don't .... well you need writing friends like mine... ones that tell you that you have two years to get the book written or they're going to steal your idea for the book.  Thanks to all my friends ... for the added pressure... no really thanks for being there for me.

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Irene Latham said...

So happy you've broken through! Can't wait to see the results. xo