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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers... how our perceptions of them change as we get older

When we are very young, they are our hero... protector... playmate

When we start school, they are our wheels to get to places... the troll that makes us study... the ogre that says no to everything

When we graduate from school and fly the nest...they are "get out of jail free ticket" ... restaurant owner that always has a plate of food ready for the cheap price of a hug...the voice of reason that you might or might not listen to

When you get married, they are there for you .... planning, encouraging, supporting

When you have children, they are there again... with advice you won't take because you like to make the same mistakes they made... always ready to baby sit... and they become the genie that can do all and make all things

When you reach retirement, they are old... happy only when you take the time to visit...

All stages of a Mother's life has one thread running throughout... that is love.  A Mother loves her children in bad times and good. 

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and family...

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