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Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the thunder rolled....

If my husband was a smarter man he would have had a camera last night to video the happy dance I did in the rain.  He told me I looked like a drowned rat and was acting crazy.  Well if the shoe fits...I love thunder and lightning... it must be the Scottish blood ... or Indian blood.. or maybe the Irish blood 
Now if children doctors knew everything I would be terrified of storms.  My mother would put us under a bed if it thundered ...  even if it didn't rain we were under a bed. 

My brother and I kept toys under the bed and a flashlight.  Had us some good times while Mother walked from the front door to the back door stressing out the entire time. 
I remember one good whipping I got when I was fourteen.  My boyfriend brought me home from the river when it started raining and I ran into the house during the storm.  Lightning struck close to the house as I was running, I saw the flash but didn't feel anything until I got to the door... Mother grabbed me by the arm and pulled me inside slapping the tar out of my backside the entire time... it wouldn't have hurt except I had on a bathing suit. 

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Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

Folklore says the first May rain has healing properties...hope it works for us!