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Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden update...and mother's day stuff

I have a great crop of everything this year but since it has been raining the last few days the grass is racing ahead of the plants... I will post pictures when I can walk in it without going to my knees in mud.

Had a great mother's day and the kids listened and got me just what I wanted.

Irene isn't a kid but I'm old enough to be her Mama... she got me the rooster place mats and napkins... love them

Ron got me the Lowe's gift card and I did my birdbath with it

Missy got me the MP3 player that supports audio books... I emailed her the link three times... and I got the red one that I wanted.

Off to the pond to skip rocks with two youngest grandbabies and to feed the chickens.

Can you tell Kane didn't want his picture made... he would make a very good pirate, wouldn't he... I can all most hear an argggggg... wonder if we'll find tadpoles??

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