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Friday, March 23, 2012

Okay Game on!!!

What game, you may ask... well the planting game of course. But I need to tell you I'm a plant rescuer... my husband says cheap but what does he know?

I love mini rosebushes because you can plant them in your flowers and they don't just take over. Went to Food World today and they had three 10 dollar each bushes marked down to 1.50 .... so my yard is now sporting three new light pink rose bushes. Now do you see anything wrong with those roses?

I'm so ready to get the garden tilled but Mr. Think of all the Reasons To Not, says it's too early. My gosh Pat, we have blackberry winter and dogwood winter yet. I calmly pointed out that the dogwoods are blooming now and how could we have dogwood winter (which happens when dogwoods bloom) if they've already bloomed. Sounds right to me! But oh no,he says... it happens when they're suppose to bloom not when they bloom.

Me: What???

Him: Dogwood winter is mid-April when the dogwoods bloom

Me: But they're blooming now??

Him: I give up, when do you want the ground broke?

Me: :) I'm so bad.

Happy Planting everyone.

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