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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is a picture worth a thousand words??

In the first picture what do you see and are the words in this picture true?

The boots are real, I wear them any time I go to ride or work at the barn

The hat is not, I never wear hats except when I'm being a cowgirl for reading day at a local school. Same goes for the bandanna... never never

The work gloves are real... I use them regularly these are just new ones

The duster, I really wear on trail rides when it is raining.

The denim shirt and jeans... real

The spurs... nope, never wear them

Second picture what do you see

Does the kid like baseball??

This picture is my grandson Kane when he was six and no I don't think he does like baseball but he played for three years because all his friends did, now at nearly twelve he stills goes to the ball field but you will find him sitting on the picnic tables talking to girls...

I love this picture... we figured out why he couldn't hit the ball

1 comment:

Amy Jane said...

Kane talking to girls instead of playing baseball. *shakes head* Does he know girls LOVE baseball players???