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Monday, March 26, 2012

A grooming tip from a groomer

I know dogs hate to have their nails clipped but those sharp talons no only shreds you legs to pieces but they're bad for your dog. If a dog doesn't walk, run and play on a surface that will file their nails, those nails will grow until they touch the ground and become painful. Sort of like you wearing shoes that are too tight and they make the end of you toe sore. Keep those nails clipped. Another tidbit, the quick will move back as you shorten the nails. so if you cut just a little each week you can undo a year of neglect. Do misunderstand my statement... don't cut the nail so the quick bleeds... just close and the quick will retract.

Now to the long coated dogs. I've had people tell me all my grooming years... that hair keeps him cool and bugs off and you'll mess off his coat if you cut it.

1. yes the dogs coat keeps them cooler by acting like a blind to keep direct sunlight off their skin... but if the undercoat isn't stripped out it acts like a blanket and will cause serious health issues. If the top coat gets matted it will become havens for ticks, fleas, fungus that will grow because the mats stay wet all the time, and yes even mosquitoes. Brush your dog or clip their coats in warm weather.

2. Customers would say... he doesn't like to be brushed... well if you let my hair get tangled and matted, I wouldn't want my hair brushed either. Start when they're puppies...if you've already let them show displeasure at brushing... get them clipped then brush everyday ... this way it won't hurt.

3. Finally, don't ask a groomer to leave a Husky two inches long... or any dog that are tripled coated. It can not be done and you will not like the results. Don't ask the groomer to leave three inches of hair if your dog can't move without a mat pulling some part of his body. You want your dog beautiful but it takes a little work from you. Any groomer should be happy to show you how to brush... how to split a mat... never never cut mats because you could cut the skin... dogs and cats have very loose skin and sometimes the skin is pulled up into a mat.

4. If you have problems grooming your dog... spend the money to go to dog training... a dog is your companion for 12 to 18 years and those years should be enjoyable not terrifying. Dogs like to relax and let you be alpha dog but you have to be the boss for them to follow your lead.

Finally, a hair cut can make your dog look entirely different... just remember like your hair ... it will grow. One difference with dogs, they have undercoats and it will grow first and make them ugly before the top coat catches up ... If you brush the undercoat as it is growing in the ugly part will be shorter and less like "a wild dog that attacked a weed eater" look.

The pictures are before and after of Lexie. Yes she is prettier longer... yes I keep her brushed.. but no I'm not going to deal with all the shedding on the carport or in the van.

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