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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What do you do when chicken snake eats your baby chicks?

You go get more... the picture of the big ones are the only two left out of six. I was going small and a chicken snake found a hole in the chicken coop and ate the other four.

My husband, being the sweet supportive type.... not... said, "I told you they wouldn't last."

So what did I do... why I went and got thirty chicks. Why you might ask... well I figure if there is thirty running around that old chicken snake won't know which one to grab.

I really don't like killing a chicken snake because they help keep mice and rabbit population down and they eat the bad snakes but if they fellow shows his chicken eating face and will have to take a hoe to him. How's that for a PG13 post.

I've been turning them out into the pasture every evening. Done they look happier in the pic where they are in the grass instead of herded into a bunch in the coop?

Look at the little brown ones... they have puffy cheeks! They are half Rhode Island Red and half Yellow Buff..... so cute.

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