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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Like a kid with a new toy

I went to yard sales yesterday. It was one of those rare Fridays that I didn't have to work, the weather was perfect and I was in slow and easy mode. I saw the yard sale sign and it had toys everywhere and tires stacked up... not really things I'm interested in... but then I noticed tackle boxes and they looked like they had bait inside. I stopped. I got an old Avon Christmas plate that was only given to representatives. I got two boxes of beautiful old Christmas cards, a old bottle "Lunds Beverage" bottled by the Dr Pepper Company. I've never seen one of these bottles before. The prize at the sale was the 1962 Sears catalog in mint condition.

Stopped at another one and found hand quilted treasures. Here is a pillow and a quilt top of knit material. This top is so dated to the seventies when knit clothing was the in thing.

Here's the good part. Bottle 25 cents, plate 50 cents, Sears catalog one dollar, quilt top one dollar, pillow 25 cents.... I went to five yard sales and spent less than twenty dollars. I found other things and I got Missy flower pots for her patio. I had fun, didn't spend much money and helped these people get rid of things they don't want anymore.

This experience is a perfect example of how we need to try thing even if we don't think we'll like them. You never know what treasures you'll find.

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