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Monday, April 11, 2011

Chalk Pictures.... say I love you

Since Jase was big enough to sit up alone, I've had her drawing pictures with chalk. When she got big enough to ride tricycle we've had malls, Mickey D's , Walmart. etc where she could shop and drive on roads. Once Kane got big enough to join in the town roads became race tracks and had ramps and jumps with pretty pictures at the side of them. Now that the grandkids are older and rather be doing stuff (I've not figured out what this stuff is yet) the chalk doesn't see action every time they come. I think this spring days are bring back memories of when they were little. This entire weekend a garden of hearts and flowers and one chalk outline of a murdered monster greet me when I step outside. There is also little chalk people with big hearts that say "I love you Granny" That is a snapshot I will keep with me forever.

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Amy Jane said...

ah the tiny town on your carport, those were the good ol' days. i remember helping jase and scott and the younger cousins as they came long draw our little town. everybody got a parking space with their name on it. the road almost always went in a circle around the parking lot with the stores in the corners and along the edges.