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Friday, May 7, 2010

I feel for the wild life...

The poor birds and other wildlife that get caught in that oil.

If I don’t post this week don’t worry…I’m going to school to be a census taker. They pay you to go to school. I’m working all day and then I’m going to school at night for 4 hours. Might not even get a chance to read other post. I’ll be back on Friday.


Amy Jane said...

I hope this summer to take a few days and go help cleaning up wildlife. Have to do some researching on where to go, but I really want to help. Espically with the carrer I am wanting to have, this oil crisis hurts. I want to help the animals. Humans have destroyed their home, and they are helpless at fixing it. Sometimes I get so mad at mankind. Sometimes we act like lazy children who wine all the time and are careless about others.

Amy Jane said...

no i did not know Lies came out last week! i need to order that!!! see how show choir and AP exams took over my life. haha. prom was AMAZING! a billion times better than last year. yeah, a strap on my dress broke, and i accidentally steped on my dress and my heel tore a small hole at the bottom, but other than that amazing! go to my facebook and look at my album "Show Choir and Prom" and at tagged photos of me if you wanna see pictures! Missy did a great job on my makeup!