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Monday, May 3, 2010

Digging in the dirt

Okay, I'm off to dig in my garden... I know wet but I have tomato plants that need to go in the ground. I've got a great picture to bring you out of the rainy weekend blues and get you started on a great week. I know that sunshine today was inspiring.

I have heal all advise for anyone bogged down with plot or character development
and I wrote a article about it. I sold it to ICL which pays for writing articles. If you want to know how to submit, email me and I'll send you the information

I'm going to share the beginning with you.

One evening I was in the ICL chat room, when a fellow writer commented that her writing was “a thousand miles from nowhere.” I think all writers have moments that their stories seem to be going nowhere and they are lost in the emotional sea of writers’ block. Her comment triggered a memory of what my mother would tell me when I was discouraged, “When you’re in the pits of nowhere, start walking. You’ll come out somewhere.”

Okay take this advise and start... you will get to the end with each step but if you remain planted and refuse to budge ... that story will flutter and die from neglect.



Angela said...

I must have written one scene in my MS a dozen times. It was so frustrating! But I kept trying, and it paid off. Finally, everything came together beautifully...all because I didn't give up.

Me thinks your mother was a very wise woman!

StableGranny said...

that is great and I sort of have the same problem. I'm writing more beginning chapters to flesh out my character... have you ever written new scenes to a novel that you thought was finished... not easy

Amy Jane said...

well guess what Aunt Pat! i think i might be on the verge of writing a small book. i was working on a short story from creative writing class, and the story just kept get longer and longer and longer and... well you get the picture, and i havent even gotten to the climax of the story yet. also putting the story into chapters made it flow a lot better. really excited bout this one!

StableGranny said...

that is great