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Friday, May 21, 2010

How your character looks

How do you get your character's hair color, eye color, how they dress, are they small for their age or large blended into the story... help. I realized I know how my character looks but I don't think the reader does.

This is my character but the manuscript is historical fiction... her hair is red and her eyes are green. Look at how beautiful her eyes are and those full lips but also look at that determination written in the set of her head, lips and eyes.

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Angela said...

I think descriptions of characters are important...the trick is doing it without being too passive. For my MC, I drop hints throughout the book. I mention her cleaning her glasses with her shirt tail, or pulling her brown hair back into a ponytail, etc. For other characters, I describe them from the MC's POV...how they look and her reaction to their appearance. I try not to dwell, but I personally DO like to know what the characters in a story look like and therefore refuse to skip these descriptions. Character descriptions from the MC's POV usually come when she first meets someone, otherwise I'm back to slight incurrences on different physical attributes weaved into the story (eg "His usually serene blue eyes turned dark as he tried to control his anger.").