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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

You know the old saying crap happens, well it happens every time you get on a horse. We have 14 stalls at our barn and in this kind of weather everyone is riding in the arena. Can you imagination what the arena would look like if everyone didn't scoop what their horse left. You city dog lovers thought you had it bad... look at the size of that pile. HA
Todd is a good sport, I told him I was going to post this at my blog. He looks happy while scooping the poop. Maybe we can take something away from this, crap happens and how we handle it is one of the major factors in how happy we are... if we groan and drag our feet to clean up the crap -- life just dumps more and we get deeper in crap but if we accept that we can't change the crap and clean up -- then we have clean happy periods to enjoy before life dumps again.
I wouldn't stop riding horses just because I have to shovel a little poop!
May all you crap be in biscuits and not in patties. hahahaha If you're not a horse person you might not get that but if you can't figure it out... look at the picture, those are biscuits.

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