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Monday, December 7, 2009

I feel old today

I have a brother that is fifteen years younger than I am, he is only three years old than my daughter. Jim had a birthday yesterday and he was 43 but that isn't what makes me feel old. His daughter was born on his birthday, Katie, and she turn sixteen yesterday. SIXTEEN! I can't remember being sixteen. Sigh. That reminds me of a story I told my daughter's friend about why I don't look in the mirror. "I look in a mirror as little as possible because that helps me keep the pretend Pat going. What is the pretend Pat? Why that's the Pat I have in my head and she's twenty years old with dark hair, no wrinkles and no love handles. (who name those stupid little rolls Love handles anyway. How do I put on my makeup and brush my hair? I don't wear makeup and it doesn't take a mirror to run a brush through your hair." Might need to wear makeup and worry with my hair but I like being me... just like I am.

Word for today: Candid --frank, open, honest

I always try to give a candid critique but endeavor to point out good and bad points.

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