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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How many of you can say "Virus Scan"

I've spent my evening working on my sister-in-law's computer for the third time because she lets her teenage grandson on and guess what ... he goes to places he shouldn't. This virus is so bad, my cd virus cleaner won't even work. I see big bucks in her future if she wants to check email and use her internet. If kids, even grown kids... the only virus I've ever had is when my husband was bored and...oh that is another story.. lets just say I told him parental control was fixin to go on the computer... anyway got sidetracked, kids need some kind of watchdog program to keep them mindfull of where they go. If Mama is going to see where you surf, you'll be more careful.

Word for today or tomorrow really infraction --- violation

Do not condone or tolerate an infraction of internet security.

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