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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little things

I have an easy word today... enjoyment and the meaning is hard to type because every person would have a different one. I have friends that pull out the rakes and trash bags when the leaves start to turn, getting ready to attack all those unsightly blumishes to their yard. Now don't get me wrong, we (my husband and I... okay mostly husband but I get him started by telling the grandbabies to tell Granddaddy they need leaf piles to play in) rake leaves away from the house. But back to my story, I'm keeping Sheila's dogs for her this week and I took them for a walk around my two acre yard tonight. They rooted and pranced in the leaves like children. Their joy made me stop and listen. The crunch and swhoosh the leaves made when we walked through them and how they floated around the racing dogs made me smile. I honestly enjoyed our walk.

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