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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are those lists made and sneakers ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday for me is putting up Christmas stuff and listening to my husband say, "Lets just put up a tree this year. Lets go out of town this year." I brought him a coffee mug that says Slap me if I'm Merry.
Of course, there is that little football game too. For all my other team friends... Roll Tide!
Tomorrow is Wednesday but here I am putting Wednesday's word up on Tuesday. I have four loaves of Hawaiian Banana Nut bread to make tomorrow morning before work. I promised the bag boys at the store I would bring them their breakfast tomorrow. Wednesday before Thanksgiving is really hard on the grocery store employees.

Wednesday's word on Tuesday night is vigilant...watchful

Keep a vigilant eye on your waistline Thursday!


Irene Latham said...

Banana nut bread! What makes it Hawaiian ?? No sneakers for me... hope to stay home in my pjs. :)

StableGranny said...

pineapple of course
Have a great feasting day