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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Men..... why do they do stupid things??

I would be the riches woman in the world if I could answer that question.  Yesterday I rode to Nashville with my friend Irene to attend the Southern Book Festival.  Had a great time.

When I got close to home I call my husband to see what he wanted to do about supper.  The minute he answered the phone I could tell something was wrong... us women are like that... They had been spreading lime on the pasture (my husband and Ron my son)  What happened is the lime was fine grade and blew back into their faces... they had mask on but Ron started having a nose bleed and it wouldn't stop.  Ronnie said it was bleeding so bad that it was coming out his mouth too.  He got a bad headache but is better today.  Now my husband is complaining that his head is hurting and that his nose is burning.  Didn't they know that stuff can kill you if you breathe it?  Got to love those two guys but if they didn't have bad luck they wouldn't have any.

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