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Monday, October 21, 2013

Got to say it.... Roll Tide Roll

I get so mad at everyone saying that Alabama is on cruise control and that they will fall when they play someone big... really... A & M wasn't big
I want to say "Shut up and watch them"
But so what if we do lose... does that make us losers.... Heck NO
We are winners, in how we play ball, how we live life, how we treat others.

Alabama is a team of tradition, with loyal fans. 

Sorry for the venting by I really don't like some of the ESPN guys that wants to see teams lose and bad playing or on the coaches part calling.  I wish I could pick their playing calling apart on national TV like the pick this great sport of football apart.

I like Oregon they have a good team.  If they play Alabama or any other team... it will be a good game.
Win or lose Bama, I will cheer.... but to get the victory dance you have to win... believe it or not I did that dance for Auburn this weekend... and lightning didn't strike me dead or my Granddaddy didn't come back to haunt me.  I'm not going to push my luck... it won't happen again this year.

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