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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dangers of picking peppers in the Fall

Went to pick my peppers this afternoon... which I not suppose to do since I'm just getting over surgery... and BAM..... I got stung by a wasp.... one of those big black and red ones.  Now I can't ask for sympathy because Ronnie got stung last week and I laughed..

Pay back is heck.

But the worst part was taking pictures for this blog.... I mean really, don't you think those hands look like something out of a horror shop... Dang I feel old.

The mums was a gift from my friend Irene.  They made things better but not much.


Amy Jane said...

Those hands are hands that have seen time, experience, life, love, hardships, and pleasures. Those have tell a wonderful story... your story.

Amy Jane said...
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