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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Friend...but so much more

It is with a sad heart that I write my finally goodbye to someone I've known nearly forty five years.  You was the kindness, gentleness most generous person and I was blessed to be a daily part of your life.  We have laughed, cried, danced with joy and share our hearts.  I talked to her nearly every day.  She was a sister more than a friend and her husband is just as important in mine and Ronnie's life.  I recall our conversation last week when she was showing me the new puppy she was fostering....
 "Don't get attached," I said. 
"I'm not but isn't she cute," she said.
 I rolled my eyes and said, "You don't need a puppy!  Don't you think forty dogs is enough? 
She grinned and said, "I'm only fostering the new ones." She cuddled that puppy, put it back behind the gate in her basement and turned to me... "By the way, do you know anyone looking for a good grown cat." 
"Debbie!"  I said.  "Tell me you didn't take another cat."
She calmly walked up the stairs and said," no ... three.
"What are you crazy.  What are you going to do with three grown cats.  You already have more cats than you need.
"Tell me I'm stupid... maybe someday it will sink in."
"You're stupid," I said.  Then we laughed and talked about books we had read and me helping her get organized and the garden .... just normal things.
When I had my surgery on Monday... she called several times to check on me and to make sure Lexie was being cared for... she called my phone around 8:30 pm leaving the message to call her so she would know I was okay.... I never got to talk to her.
I know I fussed at you for taking on all those strays but you knew I didn't think you was stupid... you was special... you had a heart that embraced the weak, unwanted and neglected.  You always wanted to make things better... easier... even if it made things harder for you...I have lost a dear friend and the world has lost a guardian angel.  Maybe your heart just couldn't hold all the love you held for Robert, your dogs, and cats, your customers, your employees, your family and your friends.

Every time I watch a sunset or a sunrise... I eat a piece of chocolate, or make a cup of coffee  I will remember you.
I can almost hear you singing in heavens choir.

Debra Lou Keener Watkins, of Iron City, Tenn., passed away on Monday, Sept. 9, 2013, at ECM Hospital unexpectedly at the age of 58.Visitation will be Saturday, Sept. 14, from noon-2 p.m. at Rogersville Funeral Home. The funeral service will follow immediately in the chapel. Burial will be in the Piney Grove Cemetery, Mt. Zion community, at a later date.Debbie was the owner of Debbie's Tidy Dog, a very proud member of the Shoals Praise and Worship Choir and a member of the Church of Christ.Debbie was preceded in death by her parents, Al and Hazel Keener; brother, Travis Keener; brother-in-law, Johnny Linville; and niece, Gayla Adams.She is survived by her husband, Robert Watkins; sisters, Janie Linville and Ann Adams; brother, Dan (Teresa) Kenner; special aunt, Lucy Killen; mother-in-law, Edna Watkins; sisters-in-law, Donna (Fay) Parker and Paula (Keith) Stevenson; brother-in-law, Anthony (Kathy) Watkins; and numerous nieces and nephews.Debbie found her niche in life when she opened Debbie's Tidy Dog. She truly loved her customers, but caring for their pets was what made her happiest. She never tired of trying to find loving homes for all homeless animals. She loved fostering animals for H.A.R.S.A. and believed all pets deserved loving homes.


Sheila said...

Sure am going to miss her. I wouldn't say I was a close friend, but with Debbie, she made a lasting impression.

heather13 said...

Beautiful words ! She will be missed by us all !