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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Only 19 Peeps when I got home

My husband is not a good mother hen.... I leave him with 20 healthy baby chickens and he lets one die ... I was only gone three days.

He did feed the dog and even threw the ball for her... he fed the other 70+ chickens... and drum roll please... he mopped the kitchen floor??? What the heck is going on... ??

And for all of you that followed my blog last year... I kill the first chicken snake of the year today... for all of you that have not read my blog before... I only kill chicken snakes at the barn because if I didn't I would have no baby chickens or eggs.

I've also trapped two possums and one raccoon... It's like my chickens have to over-come Jurassic Park to live.

Re-potted ferns all day... those buggers have a mean root system when they're root bound but I turned my three big pots into six big pots but small ferns that will grow

Filled all the bird feeders and cleaned the carport...whew I'm pooped just writing about it.

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