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Sunday, April 21, 2013

life is good

Went to a ranch sorting and watched Ron and Lakelynn be the first losers in nearly every class.  They both rode great but others rode just a little better and/or had better luck with the cows.

Today, I got to dig in the dirt.  I put the little baby chicks in with their older sisters.  They didn't like each other.  Got 25 new babies coming May 7th... that is all for this year... promise... errr maybe

Flowers are going great and next week I hope to get my garden spot plowed.  I love my life.  No money but so much that makes my heart happy. 

Oh yea, another reason life is good... Ronnie is happily cutting grass and working in the pasture on the tractor... he is happy.

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Michelle Lowery Combs said...

Someone told me recently that "poor people sure do know how to have fun." I'd say that's entirely true. Happy Spring!