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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What do you do if....

What do you do when your horse is a better at events than you are??? YOU HANG ON!!!

Ron, my son, learned this today. The bad part of this lesson is his leg is still sore and swollen from a Brown Recluse spider bite. He was told by the doctors to be careful and not do anything to bruise that leg because that weakens the tissue and the poison will damage it more... so what does he do.... he gets on his new penning horse and demonstrates how to pen for a LARGE group of 4H kids and the horses is awesome, keeping on the cow. She cut and Ron didn't... yes you are reading laughter in this post.. His totally ungraceful dismount bruised his bad leg from groin to knee, ripped his jeans to from straddle to knee and Dad had to get his shoeing apron to hid an anatomy lesson for the kids.

Ron's bad day really isn't all bad... his new horse will get him to the national finals next year... if he learns how to stay on.

The pictures are cutting horses on cows. Here is the definition of a cutting horse

The cutting horse is meticulously trained to work on his own in a duel of instincts. His opponent is the cow, and the horse must anticipate every move the cow wants to make, then block the cow with his own movements, as quick, sure and deft as any high-star athlete. Cattle are dedicated herd animals and feel safe only when they are part of the herd, which means being in the herd, and they will do absolutely all they can do to stay in the herd. The horse's job is to keep the cow away from the herd.

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