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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm looking for the right word...

I was at an assisted living home today and when I got in the elevator... a gentleman on a walker was singing the Tennessee Waltz. As the doors closed he stopped and apologized "I hope my rusty pipes didn't offend you."

I assured him that it was beautiful and to continue. He hung his head and said...a tear is slidding down my cheek as I type this..."63 years ago today I married my wife. I sang that song to her every morning up until she died 4 months ago." I was speechless... yea I know me speechless... He reached over and patted my arm..."Now don't you be sad.. She can still hear me. What I miss most is her saying... Leon, don't give up your day job. You'll never make it as a singer."

He winked at me and started singing again as the doors of the elevator opened. I got this bubbly feeling in my chest like happiness was trying to work its way out. As the doors closed, muting his raspy, off key voice, I thank the Lord for giving me a mate that would miss my smart remarks too.

I was sad but not entirely.
I was happy but with a ache in my heart.
I was humbled by his love for his wife and thankful for him that he had good memories that he wanted to relive them every day.

I think the word I want for this encounter is rhapsodic.

It moved my emotions and sense of well being off the chart. Isn't it wonderful when complete strangers touch our heart?

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